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Globally the supply of electricity across residential, commercial and industrial consumers remains a major issue.  In addition to the supply concerns, the ‘demand’ element requires a cost effective solution supported by an environmentally sustainable approach.


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The production of renewable energy is critical to the solution of this global crisis and CCT TED is an efficient and innovative method of storing electricity in a thermal battery.

Thermal energy storage is one of the oldest technologies known to mankind as ‘hot rocks’ were used for the basic survival techniques of food and shelter. All substances hold an amount of heat energy, known as their thermal capacity. When a solid is heated it increases in temperature until it reaches its phase change point. When further energy is applied it does not increase the temperature, but causes the substance to change from a solid to a liquid or gas. The energy generated from this phase change is able to be stored.

CCT Energy’s thermal battery incorporates a unique phase change material that can store energy at more than 12 times the energy density of a lead acid battery. The stored energy can then be extracted from the thermal battery via a heat engine, to provide an electricity supply when needed.

The thermal battery is not only suitable for renewable energy such as wind and solar; it is also adaptable to non-renewable energy sources from fossil fuels.